Woman Films Amazing UFO Footage
Over Southern England

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Cosmic Conspiracies recently contacted a woman from the UK after seeing some amazing UFO footage that she had taken and had sent to Jeff Rense's Website. She had contacted Danish UFO researcher, Cristoffer Walther, who in turn contacted Rense's site who ran a story about the UFOs she had filmed in early January, 2002. We decided to contact Cristoffer to see if we could get in touch with 'Bambi' as we thought that it was strange that no website in the UK was covering the story. Mr. Walther kindly forwarded our request to her and she quickly got in contact with us. Since then, 'Bambi' has sent us many clips of footage which show different craft, including red, orange and green craft, triangles, disks and other shapes that we have not encountered before. She has given us her express permission to use this footage on our site and over the past few weeks, has been sending us a steady stream of UFO footage, which you won't find anywhere else on the web.

The First Encounter

The Woman, who originally wished to be known as 'Bambi' lives in the South of England and has been filming several different types of UFOs since mid January. 'Bambi', who we now know as Abby, first captured a UFO on film whilst she was holding a party at her home. The time was about midday and she was outside when she suddenly noticed a strange disk far above her in the sky. Her friend who happened to be filming the party inside the house was called outside and he managed to capture it on his video camera. The video footage to the right shows a white disk flying in high cloud cover. This is classic orb footage which has been appearing over the skies of Britain regularly of late.

This particular footage however is nothing compared to what she would capture on film within the next few days!

Return of the 'Bonsall' UFO

That night 'Bambi' and the cameraman spotted another UFO that was hovering over their local town. As the camera zooms into the object we can clearly see that this UFO resembles the one that was filmed over Bonsall, Derbyshire in October, 2000 (pictured left). To update readers who are not familiar with the Bonsall sighting - Sharon Rowlands filmed the footage in the Peak District and was allegedly paid 20,000 by Kiveat Productions in the U.S. for the footage that was described by them at the time as being 'In the top 5 best UFO films ever taken!'. However, the film has never surfaced. The picture to the right is a still from the 'Bambi' footage. Click on it to view the similarities. 


The disk also bears a striking resemblance to those encountered during the STS-75 Shuttle Mission, which you can read about by clicking the above link. 'Bambi' took many films of this particular disk, some of which show it hovering near a street lamp. The object in this particular clip appears to change shape and morphs into many different shapes, as illustrated in the picture to the left. As the camera zooms into the disk, we can see many colours flashing, much like oil looks on water. When the camera is at full zoom we see again the detail of the UFO, including rings and a wedge cut into the side. The same characteristics as the STS-75 and Bonsall UFOs had.

The following morning 'Bambi' was alerted by her local team of dustmen about another UFO in the sky and she manages again to capture the object on film. 'Bambi' says that the UFOs have been seen by several witnesses and has captured many of them on film. The most interesting development in this story is that Military helicopters have been buzzing her home since the events started. The helicopters have come within 8 feet of the ground and in some shots seem to be chasing some 'orb-like' objects, all of which she has filmed and appear here.




Military Helicopters buzzed the local area where 'Bambi' lives. In these shots they seem to be chasing small orbs.

The Best Footage

Below we have categorised what we believe to be the pick of the bunch of the footage that we have so far received. The first one shows the disk hovering with a street light in the foreground. The eaves of a nearby house can also be seen in the shot. The second piece of footage is quite remarkable! It again shows the disk by a street lamp, but this time it has a pinkish centre and mid-way through the film, it actually turns into a saucer shaped object. The third film shows the camera zoom into to a source of light that is hovering over a nearby town. The Moon is in the shot which gives a comparison of size. The fourth film here shows the object display an intense red light as it moves through clouds. The final piece of footage is probably the most amazing of the lot. It shows the UFO slowly glide across a Moonlit sky.

Footage that shows UFO hovering near street lamp. Roof of house is also visible

Amazing footage of disc, again by street light that changes from disk to saucer shape

Disk over nearby town, with Moon as reference

This object is really weird and seems to be moving in cloud cover

This footage shows the UFO gliding past the full Moon


UFO Over Bedhampton

The latest footage that we have received from 'Bambi' features a diamond shaped craft which was filmed in the Bedhampton area. 'Bambi', who lives nearby to the area travelled to Bedhampton to take her dog to the vet. There has been a lot of UFO activity reported in the area at present and a guy called Anthony Woods managed to capture some of the craft on film in late March, 2002. It seems that this area of the UK is experiencing a huge UFO wave which has been witnessed by several people.

'Bambi' explains the above footage as follows: 'You can see the hill in the bottom of the film and the water in the bay area. The UFO is hovering above a 700 foot drop and the nearby Bedhampton area is to the left. I am looking out to Portsmouth. nothing is allowed to be this close to the D.E.R.A. base at Portsdown Hill because it is a restricted area.  I was really upset about my dog and started to give up, then I looked up at the hill where the base is and there was a white disc. I was scrambling to get it into shot when a different white disc moved very fast in front and at high speed went below the first disc and vanished.

I stayed there for some time as the disc went, I then went up onto the hill where the base is. where I could see more clearly as it is high up. There was lots of strange UFO activity. that is about 45 minutes later. I was filming out from on top of the hill. The tri disc was a very strange object as it hovered in mid air in front of the base and the hill, this would have been above the Bedhampton area. I did not really leave the whole area because I was filming many reference points just to prove I am telling the truth (see picture below). And I was trying to see where the objects were coming from. I was in a car park at the time and near a road at one point and lots of people were also looking up amazed. There were a lot of people camping up on the hill with cameras and what looked like TV news vans ( I could be wrong?) But they are filming the area.


Area where 'Bambi' filmed diamond shaped craft


Strange Red and Green UFOs

She continues: 'I then went home later that evening and was letting my boys dog go out the back garden and could see this red thing hovering, glowing. I just had time to run in and get my cam and it then seemed like I felt that I should stay there. As it began to hover I felt like it knew that I was there.'  This piece of footage is viewable by clicking the image to the left. This is a very strange 'anomaly' that at one points even looks like a Devil figure with wings.



Here is footage of two strange object that were filmed at night. The film to the left is of a glowing orb that shows the same characteristics of the Bonsall UFO when the camera zooms into it. The lines across it are actually branches from a nearby tree.

The picture on the right is of a green object. The original footage is quite dark, and is 6mb long, so we have decided not to upload it to this site, as it only runs for about 6 seconds and would not be worth using up our web space for such a small clip. I have however lightened the picture to show you what it looks like.



We are waiting in anticipation for VHS footage from 'Bambi' which she has promised to post to us for further analysis. Obviously before seeing the video we cannot speculate to the validity of this footage. But, we feel that if these images are proved to be genuine, this footage ranks as some of the best UFO footage ever taken over the British Isles. Only time and careful analysis will tell.

We will let you be the judge and urge you to contact us with your comments.

Researched by Dave Cosnette, April 2002


All images on this page are Abby Parker 2002.
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